I have had enough

So close to single again!

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Self Love, Self Hate

Sometimes I feel like things have gotten so bad I can’t even look at the man I love the same way. I want to shut myself off from him completely because I don’t feel like I am really attractive to him. I have always been a very sexual person. I love making love and just letting go… I can’t stand the thought of it now. I’ll never have a big round ass, I will always have big arms, I am about to turn 30, just had a baby and I am none of the things he seems to be attracted too. Of course he tells me all the time I am beautiful but words mean so little at this point, actions are really what matter and I have seen enough. I am sick of hating myself… I know that I have some qualities like, intelligence, curvy hips, a natural hourglass figure, and nice breasts. Yet, I still feel like I am constantly reminded of what I am not and I just want to yell out a big fuck you. I love him dearly and every part of our relationship is great except this one area, Its a shame it means so much to me. I really wish I did not care. I am sure tomorrow will be better… Ugh

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